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Tom Luckett


At 17 years old I was arrested and charged with 2 counts of 1st degree homicide. I was later sentenced to 2 Life without Parole sentences. Coming from a very white suburban community in 1988, to being thrust into the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola was a shocking cultural and environmental change that can hardly be comprehended. Upon entering Angola I was a mere 132lbs., small, lean. The odds were against me surviving such a place, especially entering in 1988. 

I bring over 30 years personal experience to your table. Private, confidential, personal service to a select clientele. Just you and I, unless you wish to include a spouse, etc. Personal one on one private consulting.

Having helped many, many similarly situated people not only survive prison, but grow, develop, and become better human beings.

I personally survived 27 years 4 months at the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola, Louisiana. Not only survive, but developed and matured, leaving a better man. Since that time I have successfully launched a thriving business that has grossed nearly a million dollars in 3 years.

My expertise is not just just surviving prison: But that is the most important goal- if you are going to prison. I have keen insight in helping you prepare for the reality you are facing. Forming the proper thought patterns to best help you succeed, survive, thrive... develop and grow.... to become not only a survivor, but a better person.

Most important: You should leave prison a better human being...And that is priceless. It is priceless to survive our most difficult times in life and come out a better human being for it.


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