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My expertise is not just just surviving prison: But that is the most important goal- if you are going to prison. I have keen insight in helping you prepare for the reality you are facing. Forming the proper thought patterns to best help you succeed, survive, thrive... develop and grow.... to become not only a survivor, but a better person.

Most important: You should leave prison a better human being....And that is priceless. It is priceless to survive our most difficult times in life and come out a better human being for it.



Prison is unlike anything you can envision. It is base existence. You are stripped of every personal effect, and almost any choice of your own. Everything is decided ,and scheduled for you. Your meals are preplanned...and not by you! Bathrooms are public, smelly. You will likely be showering with 6 to 10 men at the same time.

Mentally knowing and preparing for what you will face will lessen the trauma and shock. Making you not as susceptible to be preyed upon.


Many of the most dangerous people in society are incarcerated. Surely there is no greater concentration of  vile, dangerous and violent people than in prison.
Making yourself knowledgeable of basic thought patterns of these people will help you. Knowing the do's and don'ts  will save you a lot of grief, trouble, pain, perhaps save you from rape, or mortal wounds.


You could say that I have walked through the valley of death... for 27 years... day and night. I can teach you skills that very may well save your life.


No matter your precise circumstance, we must all agree...We need jails, we need prisons, we need law enforcement.  These are the institutions and agencies that allow for a safer society. A safer society for your parents, children, and society as a whole.
It's natural during arrest to become bitter. But we must keep in mind these societal structures allow our families and the masses to live in freedom.


During your incarceration you will have a unique opportunity to consider your life, your thoughts, how self-serving you may have been,  your views, values....
You will have great opportunity to work on you.


I can instruct you how to make the most of this time. How to do your time/ not let your time do you.  Therefore, your greatest benefit during this time will be investing in you, making you a much better person while you are there.

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